Transforming waiting time into fun: Engaging finger and no-equipment games for traveling with children

Traveling with children can sometimes feel challenging, particularly in situations where waiting or being confined to a small space is unavoidable. However, with a little creativity, these moments can be turned into a fun and enjoyable experience for both kids and parents. In this article, we’ll explore a variety of exciting and interactive finger games […]

Summer stains, be gone! Tips to keep your kids’ clothes clean and bright

how to remove stains on clothing in summer

Summer is the season of fun, sun, and … stains! Children’s clothing, especially cotton fabric, is prone to stains, making it challenging to keep clothes looking their best. Fortunately, with our tips how to use simple ingredients you have at home, summer stains on your kids’ clothes be gone in no time! Here are a […]

5 reasons Babbily leggings and trousers are perfect for school and nursery

trousers for school

From our own experience we know finding the right leggings and trousers that are perfect for school and nursery is sometimes tricky. Going back to school or nursery means more independence, but also change of routine – active play and sport are mixed with quieter times for learning, reading, or having a rest – all while […]

Choosing the best trousers for kids: comfortable and robust

jungen hose mit verstellbarer taille

Kids’ trousers should be comfortable and robust enough to keep up with their active lifestyle, whether they’re at school, on the playground, or playing sports. Unlike adults, children don’t change clothes for each activity, so they need an all-day rounder that can withstand wear and tear. Children need all-day rounder trousers – comfortable and robust […]

Money, Fashion, Power: the themes of Fashion Revolution Week 2022 in conversation with Elena Miroshnichenko, founder of Babbily

leggings mädchen

You have the power to push the fashion system towards the path of sustainability: how do you convey the value of sustainable and ethical garments to consumers? All fashion – whether sustainable or not – is about visuals and the feel-good factor. We understand the impact that fashion has on the environment, but we also […]

Choosing clothing presents for children

New babies are showered with cute outfits.  Buying clothing for babies is relatively straightforward, but the more they grow, the more difficult it becomes to buy something that children will actually like and wear. (My 4yo made me return a very nice smart jumper that I bought him for a festive season. Just refused to […]

Baby’s clothes guide – from development prospective

Baby’s clothes is one of the exciting parts of preparing for a new baby. In excitement lots of cute things are bought. Most of them stay unworn waiting for their turn to be given away! Here is  my guide to choosing children’s clothing based not on the size, but child’s development stages and their physical […]