Sustainability with Kids: A Journey of Conscious Parenting. Guest post

nachhaltigkeit mit kindern langlebige Kleidung von Babbily

Marianne from fritzi* tells us about her journey discovering sustainability with kids and how this resulted in an innovative business idea.

Babbily is also a company that was born out of a parent’s idea to make better, more durable trousers for their children. We are proud to be part of a community of parents who, through their daily actions and innovative business ideas, are contributing to sustainable change, all with the aim of creating a better future for our children and generations to come. And we are sure you will recognise yourself in the transformational journey to sustainability that Marianne tells us about.

Before Parenthood: The Relaxed Approach to Sustainability

Our journey towards sustainability began long before we became parents. It’s challenging to pinpoint exactly where it all started, but we remember embracing homemade deodorant and soap, among other things. One area where we found a significant reduction in plastic waste was our bathroom. Simple changes like switching to solid shower gels and shampoos (aka “soap”) made a substantial impact. We also swapped toothpaste tubes for tooth powder and opted for wooden or recycled plastic toothbrushes.

Sustainable Clothing Choices

When it comes to clothing, the sustainable options are abundant. Secondhand shopping is not limited to traditional thrift stores; there are numerous online platforms and clothing swap parties that offer a variety of sustainable clothing choices. We adore clothing swap parties because they allow rarely worn items to find new owners and become cherished pieces.

A Plateful of Sustainability

In our kitchen, we prioritize local and, whenever possible, organic produce. Our weekly grocery list mostly consists of the same items, and we consume very little meat, reserving it for special occasions with family.

Growing with the Challenge

The moment we became parents marked a significant shift in our sustainability journey. Suddenly, we discovered a whole world of baby products we hadn’t known existed. Diapers, pacifiers, baby bottles, baby clothes, and toys flooded into our lives. Many of these items were gifts, making it hard to control the influx of “stuff” into our home. Coping with this transformation was a learning experience. We constantly questioned, “How can we return to our more sustainable lifestyle?” The answer was, perhaps, not to the same extent, at least not as quickly.

leisure trousers with robust knee babbily

Sustainable children’s clothing – durable trousers

Thankfully, sustainable options for children’s products have also grown. Secondhand clothing, often passed down from family and friends proves to be a budget-friendly and eco-conscious choice. However, at a certain age, it seems that every child goes through a phase where their trousers develop knee holes. For these instances, innovative solutions in sustainable clothing like super-comfortable trousers with durable knees from Babbily have come to the rescue, extending the life of clothing substantially.

Timeless Sandpit Toys

Now, let’s talk about sustainable toys. As children grow, their skills and interests evolve rapidly. Baby rattles lose appeal much faster than beloved stuffed animals. So, how can we make toy consumption more sustainable?

 fritzi*, with its sustainable sandpit toys, embodies the philosophy that “using a product throughout a lifetime is the most sustainable choice.” To ensure this applies to sand toys, a visually appealing design is essential. Limiting the number of components and ensuring they serve various functions contributes significantly to the reusability of these toys. The sand bucket becomes a versatile household container, the tray doubles as storage for small items, and the shovel finds more uses than you initially thought. fritzi* grows with your children, accompanying them throughout their lives and potentially being passed down to the next generation.

freizeit leggings robust

The Green Path: Sustainability as an Ongoing Process

In every sustainability endeavour, whether as an individual, a couple, or a family, remember that it’s an ongoing process. No one starts at step ten, and it all begins with awareness that everyone can make a difference, no matter how small it may seem. It’s essential to recognize that we can all contribute and should contribute. And embracing sustainability with kids doesn’t have to be painful; it can be a light and enjoyable journey.

Conscious Sustainability: Small Steps, Big Changes

Choosing to eat meat six days a week with thoughtfulness is more impactful than consuming it three days a week with indifference. The transformation begins in your mindset and is only sustainable when driven by personal motivation.

In our journey as conscious parents, we’ve learned that sustainability is not about overnight change but about making choices aligned with our values. It’s a path we walk together with our children, teaching them to cherish the planet and make choices that will benefit them and generations to come.

Your first easy step to sustainability

And here’s a simple but effective step you can take to reduce plastic and clothing waste. For your little explorer’s next sandpit adventure, choose Babbily’s durable trousers that won’t wear out at the knees and versatile sandpit toys from fritzi. Sustainability with kids is not only a choice for your child’s next adventure, but also for a cleaner and more sustainable future for our planet.

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