Grow-along leggings size chart

robust grow along leggings sizes
grow along leggings children sizes
  • We recommend measuring your child’s height to choose the correct Babbily size for leggings.
  • Please note that the table displays garment measurements, not body measurements. Because the fabric is stretchy, there may be a slight difference in how the garment fits and can be adjusted.
  • Leggings will have a slightly relaxed fit to start with and will fit snugly when a child reaches the top of the size range. Sizes 80+ and 92+ have a nappy allowance with a more relaxed fit. From size 92 onwards, leggings have a classic slim fit.
How to choose Babbily sizes
  • At Babbily, we always use a child’s actual height as a size indicator. Size 116+ will fit a child who is 116 cm tall.
  • Since all our garments are adjustable to grow along with the child, each size will fit for at least three sizes. For example, it will fit from size 104 to 116.
  • We factor in fabric shrinkage. Initially, garments might feel a bit on the larger side, but they will shrink to the intended size after a wash.
  • There’s no need to buy Babbily clothing in a larger size. Trousers/leggings will be too long, and the knee protectors won’t cover the knees (which is the whole point).
  • Babbily uses a three-step sizing system: 80 – 92 – 104 – 116, and so on. If your child falls between sizes, it’s better to buy the smaller size; it will still fit well and leave a little room to grow.