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Babbily Gift Cards €25 – €75

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Bitte überprüfen Sie die tatsächliche Körpergröße Ihres Kindes, um die richtige Babbily-Größe zu wählen. Größenangaben

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Babbily gift vouchers for sustainable and comfortable children’s trousers and leggings are a perfect last minute gift!

Are you looking for a long-lasting sustainable gift that will put a smile on a face of your loved ones? But are not sure about the right size or colour? Let your loved ones decide for themselves and choose from our durable trousers in jeans look, sporty leggings in bright colours or Jens look leggings for boys and girls.

Babbily Leggings and Trousers are a  perfect combination of comfort and durability for all day play at school, in kindergarten or on the playground. The kids will enjoy the comfort, and their mum – the durability.

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Babbily Gift Cards €25 – €75
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