Halloween in Vienna with children: A Spooktacular Extravaganza!

halloween in vienna for children. the full guide

Halloween in Vienna for Children – 2023

The spookiest week of the year is upon us! (And it’s not because of the school holidays).

Halloween is the time of year when magic and mischief come to life. This  exciting time of pumpkins, costumes and spooky surprises brings a unique energy to the city.

The children, in particular, are excited. They can’t wait to put on their spooky costumes and embark on a journey through a world of magic and enchantment.

Numerous festivals, workshops and Halloween events for children promise lots of fun and unforgettable moments. Whether pumpkin carving, scary tours or rallies, trick-or-treating or self-made decorations – the spirit of Halloween can be felt everywhere in Vienna.

We have compiled a list of all the spooky events in Vienna for you. With this list, you can plan fun and  exciting daily activities to spend Halloween with kids in Vienna  – baby cafes, workshops, guided tours, parties, trick-or-treating. There is something for every taste and age!

Get ready for the many festive events for children that Vienna has to offer. Halloween is not only a holiday, but also a spooky spectacle that makes children’s hearts beat faster.

Halloween events for kids in Vienna

20.10, 21.10 DIY Workshop: Planeten-Lampenschirme, IKEA Wien Nord, 1220
20.10, 15.30 Gartenentdecker:innen – Mini-Monster – gruselige Gartenbewohner, Vienna City Farm, 1020
20.10, from 15.00 Halloween Bastelei for kids from 0 to 6 yo, Spielraum Kunterbunt, 1220

21.10 halloween-pumpkins or ghosts!, ceramics workshop, commonroom, 1080
21.10 – 22.10, 26.10-31.10 Gruseliger Herbst, Schloss Hof
24.10, from 16.00, Halloween, Muse Wien, 1100
25.10 – 05.11 Schaurige Vampirnächte, Family Park
27.10 – 31.10 every day Halloween Rätsel-Tour für die ganze Familie!, Schokomuseum, 1230
27.10 – 28.10, 30.10-31.10 Trick or Treat in IKEA Wien Nord
27.10, from 15.00 Halloween Kaffee  – Gespenster Jause, Little Suns, 1210

28.10, 15.00 Halloween party 2023, commonroom, 1080
28.10 – 29.10 Halloween im Schloss Schönbrunn, 1130
28.10 – 29.10 Kürbis-Schnitzen, Kürbisfest am Himmel
28.10 – 31.10 Kinderhalloween Festival, Böhmischer Prater, 1100
28.10, from 15.00, Herbstfest, Careccino, 1120 – family restaurant and playgroup
28.10, 31.10 Gänsehaut und Gruselspaß, kids tour, Literaturmuseum, 1010

29.10-30.10 Kinder Halloween Prater, 1020
29.10, from 14.00 Halloweenfest Robinson Spielplatz, 1190
29.10 from 14.00 Halloween Kinder Party: clubbing im A-Danceclub, 1120 – kids 3+
29.10, 31.10 Kürbislicht und Knoblauchduft, kids tour, Prunksaal,  Nationalbibliothek, 1010
29.10, 31.10, 16.00 Gruselspaß im Papyrusmuseum, kids tour, 1010

30.10, 31,10, from 15.00 Halloween Kinder party, Lemoni Café, 1160
30.10-31.10 Komm along dressed-up and get a little treat, IKEA Wien Westbahnhof
31.10 Rätsel Rallye and Grüsel Führung, Kriminalmuseum, 1020, for kids from 12yo
31.10, from 10.00 Halloween Party, Kinderspiel Café, 1030
31.10, from 15.00 Halloween Kinder Café, Wolkenspielraum, 1120
31.10, 9.00 – 12.00, 15.00-17.00 Halloween Baby-Cafe, babies 0 bis 2,5, Biolino Institute, 1060

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