Smooth Sailing: Strategies for a Successful Kindergarten Transition

kindergarten transition tips

Starting Kindergarten marks a big step, and it’s a rollercoaster of emotions for both parents and children. It’s like sailing through uncharted waters, with hidden currents to navigate. As an adult and a parent, you have a double role, tweaking not just your own life, but also guiding your little one as they leave the cozy nest and step into the wide world, where everything seems fresh and unfamiliar and help him with a successful kindergarten transition.

kindergarten transition babbily winklereiDenise from Die Winklerei, a three-time Mama and a Family Consultant with two decades of experience working with families and children, shares some tips on navigating this kindergarten transition time.

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Give settling in all the time it needs if you can.  The less time pressure there is, the more relaxed it is for everyone involved.

kindergarten trousers easy to put onPaint the Child’s Portrait

Have a chat with the school/kindergarten team or have a mini-profile about your child ready – their loves, their dislikes, those quirky words only you can understand, their favourite games, routines that make them tick – it’s like handing teachers a magic key to unlock your child’s world faster and to build a trusting relationship.

Transition help

A cuddly toy, a comfort blankie, or maybe a t-shirt worn by you,….anything that smells like home.  Even a tiny heart doodled on their hand, a small home treasure (a little toy, or whatever floats their boat) can be very comforting in the new setting and will help with a smoother kindergarten transition, because anything familiar is very reassuring.


Without trust it will not work. Your child is watching you to gauge if he or she is in a safe environment or if there is danger ahead. The more relaxed you are and the more trust you have in the team and in your child, the more likely your child is to trust the situation.


Label EVERYTHING with the child’s name or sign (and especially the things that are most important to your child) to minimize the chance of confusion or loss. That way, the odds of chaos are minimal, and your little explorer can focus on conquering Kindergarten.”

So there you have it, some great tips from Denise.

Every family is special, and what works for one family might not work for another. Just follow your heart and be patient with your child. With time, trust, and lots of love, you and your child will figure things out!

Our personal story of Kindergarten adventure didn’t start off so smoothly, however. Here is our story of kindergarten transition, just so that you know your are not alone 🙂

One of the big changes for your child will be learning to do things on their own.

Some kids are excited about it, while others might feel a bit unsure. A significant part of this new routine is getting dressed independently.

You can make it easier for your little hero by giving them clothes that are easy to put on.

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