Starting Kindergarten: My Rollercoaster Ride

Starting kindergarten isn’t always a picture-perfect journey. And our debut wasn’t exactly a grand entrance. We proudly spent the first ten minutes hiding under the playground slide – just outside the classroom. Those ten minutes were our full kindergarten experience for the day. Not quite what I had in mind.
From Monday’s tears of “I don’t want stay” to Friday’s sobs of “I don’t want leave,” we rode that emotional rollercoaster. Despite our shaky start, with a little bit of patience, things turned out better than I expected.
I’m not trying to give you here a textbook manual on preparing for a kindergarten, including routines and excitement-building methods. I assume you know all that. But here is my story and some tactics I used that might be useful for you too. 

You’re the Comfort Island

Here’s a nugget of wisdom – kids are like magnets. The more you push, the closer they cling. When it’s time to say goodbye, don’t rush it. Give them your undivided attention and reassure them that venturing into the great unknown is both okay and exciting, and you are there for them. Kindergarten is like a treasure island waiting to be discovered.

Put your words into action – a tangible touch

Instead of just saying “I’ll be back” – make it real. I would leave something behind, like a toy, scarf, or even an umbrella, and promise to pick it up with my child later. It’s like a breadcrumb trail of reassurance. Kids have their own logic and find it easier to believe, when you say you’ll return for that umbrella. Suddenly you’re the parent with a magical touch, always true to your word.

hosen kinder taschenThe Lucky Coin: A Pocket-Sized Comfort

If toys aren’t allowed, consider a pocket-sized lucky coin – a secret source of comfort that fits right in their tiny pocket. It’s like a hidden friend, offering comfort whenever they need it.

Treats to look forward to

We made a pact, after each pick-up in the first week of kindergarten, we’d head to a nearby treasure shop (aka charity shop wonders) to choose a tiny toy. Our afternoons turned into a delightful routine. Choose a little treat for your little one to look forward to, and the hours at the kindergarten will go much faster.  It worked wonders for us.

Morning Dress-Up Riddles

The last piece of puzzle to solve was the morning dress-up routine. Or, rather, I-don’t-want-to-get-dressed routine. I have to be honest, this stressed me out, but piling on more pressure wasn’t the answer. So, I tried a different approach – I channelled my inner calm and gently asked, “Hey there, what’s up, champ?” (maybe in slightly different words, but you get an idea) Turns out, a little chat goes a long way. Helping them to put words to their feelings is a secret code to tackling emotions. And funnily enough, this not only deepens your understanding of your child but also strengthens that parent-child bond (and here we come back to point 1 – the Comfort Island)

Embracing Inner Zen – A Secret I Discovered

I came across this a while ago and this turned out to be true on so many occasions. So, here it is – your child’s actions don’t have to set off a chain reaction in you. It’s your inner calm that’s matters. Allow yourself to be that calming island for both your child and yourself. The calm vibes are contagious.
So with some routine adjustments and a sprinkle of teacher understanding, we navigated the kindergarten sea to a bon voyage.
But let’s not forget – kindergarten isn’t just about surviving; it’s about thriving and learning to be independent.
Remember that moment when your little one proudly slipped the left shoe onto the right foot all by themselves? Priceless! Well, let’s talk about setting them up for more victories like that.

Choosing clothing that supports their budding independence is key

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