Get Ready for School: A Parent’s Guide

get ready for school

To get ready for school can certainly come with a price tag. The first teacher of our little explorer gave me super advice that I’m really thankful for. She told me to invest in good-quality school supplies – a choice that not only aids your budget in the long haul, but also saves you time on constantly replacing broken items.  This is true for all our buying decisions, but with all the tempting deals out there, it’s easy to forget.

This brief checklist is drawn from my experiences throughout the school years. This approach has helped me maintain organisation and make efficient choices, aiming for items that will ideally last throughout the entire school year or longer.

Here are some important tips that really helped me to get ready for school:

school suppliesDO’s:
  • Choose Quality: Pick things that are made well, so you don’t have to keep buying new stuff all the time.
  • Easy to use: Get things like lunch boxes, water bottles, and school bags that are easy to open and close. Who wants to struggle with lunch boxes every single day?
  • Simple Clothes: Buy clothes that your child can put on by themselves. Clothes with fewer buttons or zippers are good, pull on and easily adjustable trousers are even better
  • Have Extras: Keep extra things that your child uses a lot, just in case. Or buy in bulk things like pencils and glue that run out fast. This saves time over the years.
  • Stay Organized: Make a special folder for school papers so you can find them quickly. It’s much better than digging through a pile of papers for an important form.
  • An empty shoe box: Keep an extra shoe box for school projects. You’ll always need it, especially right before a project is due.
  • Good Pencil Sharpener: Get a really good pencil sharpener. You’ll use it a lot, so having a good one is worth it.

Also, keep some small toys or gifts to give to your child’s friends when they come over.

  • Don’t Buy Low Quality, just because it’s on offer: Don’t waste money on things that break quickly.
  • Skip Unnecessary Things: Don’t buy things that aren’t on the school list. Your child probably won’t even use them.
  • Don’t Worry Too Much: Don’t stress about your child learning to read too early. They’ll learn when they’re ready, and playing while learning is a great way to do it.
  • Don’t Compare: Don’t compare your child to other kids. Your child has their own special skills and talents.

As we get ready for another school year, remember that the most important thing for your child is your undivided attention and support that they can always count on, even if it’s just a few minutes a day. The things we teach and share with them now will make a big difference in their lives.

Remember about comfortable clothing for your school child as part of your get ready for school to-do list. Considering they’ll be spending the entire day at school, it’s important to have outfits that can match all their activities – from learning to outdoor play.

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