The best children’s leggings: 5 features to look for

the best children's leggings babbily

Discover the best children’s leggings: A guide to lasting comfort and style

Are you tired of replacing your child’s leggings because they wear out so quickly? Finding the right pair that combines quality, durability, comfort and style – and is sustainably produced – can be a challenge.

We’ve tested lots of kids leggings and trousers for you to find the best features for comfort and durability.

Table of contents

  1. Fabrics: the foundation of quality
  2. Best fit: comfort is key
  3. Durability: the best children’s leggings are built to last
  4. Designed to grow with you: the sustainable choice
  5. Guarantee for peace of mind

jeans leggings girls organic cotton babbilyThe best children’s leggings are the ones that fit your unique child best

Think about your child’s activities, their skin sensitivity, energy levels and wear patterns when choosing the best leggings for your child. Will they be wearing leggings for school, sport or outdoor adventures? By understanding your child’s needs, you can choose best children’s leggings that suit your child best.

Here are some tips to help you find the best children’s leggings:

1. Quality fabrics: The foundation for the best children’s leggings

When it comes to choosing the best children’s leggings, the choice of fabric is key.

You want a stable stretchy fabric that holds shape – jersey, French terry and fine ribs, made from natural fibres such as organic cotton with some spandex (5 to 7% maximum ) for shape retention and extra stretch. Soft, breathable fabrics like cotton blends or blends with Modal and Tencel are ideal for sensitive kids skin. They’ll keep your child comfortable all day long.

Polyester is stretchy and durable, but can be scratchy and uncomfortable for children’s sensitive skin, especially if it rubs. For this reason, polyester is not the best choice for children’s clothing, even for short periods of time, such as when doing sports. Polyester also releases microplastics into the environment when washed.

However, organic fabric doesn’t automatically mean high quality.  Look for a dense, sturdy fabric that feels nice and solid, so your leggings will last longer without tearing or wearing out.

Babbily leggings are made from organic fabrics sourced from GOTS-certified suppliers in the EU.

We work with suppliers whose quality we’ve tested and trust. GOTS certification not only guarantees that the fabrics are free from harsh chemicals, but also that they have been produced in a sustainable and socially responsible way.

leggings with wide adjustable waistband

2. Finding the perfect fit: Comfort is key

For children’s leggings and trousers, the most uncomfortable part is usually the waist.

Ideally, it should be easy to adjust and stretchy enough for children  to dress independently. For example, drawstring trousers can be a challenge for children to put on by themselves. Or narrow elastic on standard leggings and trousers can rub against soft tummies.

A good alternative is a wide, soft waistbands that doesn’t dig in. This means a comfortable fit for hours of playtime. Adjustable elastic waistbands also make it easier to adjust the fit to different body shapes and sizes.

At Babbily we’ve tested lots of leggings and trousers to find the most child-friendly, snug and comfortable fit for all-day wear.

Our soft waistbands with adjustable elastic at the back ensure a snug fit without digging into your child’s tummy, while high waistband provides extra coverage for added comfort.

The bottom line: For the most comfortable fit, choose the wide, soft waistband with adjustable elastic.

3. Durability: the best children’s leggings are built to last

Kids can be tough on their clothes and durability is key to keeping their clothes in good shape. For those active little ones who love to crawl, climb and explore, reinforced knees are a must.

Some leggings are reinforced at the knees with a double layer of fabric, and this is fine for the gentler children.

But if you’ve got a really active child who pushes their clothes to the limit, you’ll want more serious knee protection.

Outdoor trousers often have knee reinforcements made from tough materials like Cordura, which are super durable but can feel stiff and restrict movement.

At Babbily we have taken the time to find the best knee protection.

Our leggings and trousers are reinforced with an incredibly tough yet flexible fabric. It’s almost military-grade toughness (100,000 rub cycles in the Martindale test) but is flexible for easy movement, sports and play.

With reinforced knees like these, our leggings are built to last, so your child can move freely without worrying about rips or tears.

In short, if your child is always on the move, the best children’s leggings and trousers for them will be the ones with  strong knee reinforcement. It’s a game changer for active kids.

mitwachsende krabbel leggings4. Grow-Along Designs: Keeping up with growing kids

Kids grow up fast, which means buying new clothes all the time. A nice extra feature in children’s leggings and trousers is an adjustable length to accommodate growth spurts.

While you can always buy a size bigger and turn up legs, Babbily leggings have extra turn ups as part of the design. This gives the leggings a slimmer, more stylish look.

With our grow-along design, your child can enjoy their favourite leggings for longer. There is no need to buy new leggings so often.

Although not essential, grow-along features are a fantastic addition to extend wear and are much more environmentally friendly. As well as saving you money in the long run, grow-alongs reduce textile waste and environmental impact. They help to conserve resources that would have been used to produce new garments.

5. Peace of mind guaranteed: Quality you can trust

When shopping for children’s leggings, choose sustainable brands that stand behind their products. Look for guarantees or warranties that offer quality assurance.

At Babbily, you can shop with confidence knowing that our products come with a six-month knee reinforcement guarantee, ensuring quality and durability with every purchase.

Our company aims to minimise textile waste by offering truly durable comfortable leggings and trousers that you and your child can enjoy for a long time. If you have any comments or are unhappy with your product for any reason, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help and together we can create something wonderful.

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