5 reasons Babbily leggings and trousers are perfect for school and nursery

trousers for school

From our own experience we know finding the right leggings and trousers that are perfect for school and nursery is sometimes tricky.

Going back to school or nursery means more independence, but also change of routine – active play and sport are mixed with quieter times for learning, reading, or having a rest – all while wearing the same clothes. That’s why children need trousers and leggings that comfortable and robust at the same time. Babbily takes on the mission of creating the ultimate durable kids trousers and leggings for every day.

Kids-friendly design

bequemhose für den kindergartenGusset for wide steps and climbing, high waist to cover back while playing on the floor or on a playground give total freedom of movement on all exploring adventures.

Soft organic fabric and relaxed fit provide extra comfort for rest and nap times.

Flexible adjustable waistband for pull-on comfort

Babbily leggings and trousers feature a waistband that is easily adjusted with a button-elastic for a nice fit around the tummy.  Flexible waistband is  handy for potty training and putting trousers on and off independently. Apart from that, there are no unnecessary zips, extra pockets, or cords – just pull-on comfort all day, every day.

Durable – to be worn for several seasons

Did you know, all Babbily leggings and trousers have reinforced knees that can withstand 100.000 rub cycles on Martindale test? That’s a lot of crawling or playing on the floor in real terms. The knee-reinforcement fabric was developed for sport and is very tough, but stretchy at the same time. That’s why it’s perfect for children’s leggings. On several occasions we even tested the fabric to the extreme – our little testers fell on the rough ground. Little knees were cut and bruised, but leggings stayed as new.

Grow along 3 – 4 sizes

There is no secret magic – just clever design and proportions. High waist and turn-ups help trousers and leggings to grow along 3-4 sizes. That means they can be worn for longer.

Sustainably made

leggings for schoolOne pair of Babbily leggings or trousers replaces at least 4 standard pairs. That means we reduce textile waste and save resources needed for production of new clothing at the same time.

Our clothing is made locally – in Austria and neighbouring countries – supporting small social businesses. Our production in Austria, for example, helps women to get back into employment.


Babbily leggings and trousers are perfect for school and nursery. They are not just good to wear every day, they are also good for children, parents and the planet. Our jeans look line in practical colours is available online.

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