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Are you ready for school?

hose mit gummizug jungenStart of school is a very exciting and nerve-racking time not just for children, but for parents too. There is a lot on your mind – precious memories of kindergarten time, worries about adjusting to a new routine. Plus, there is a long list of school supplies to buy, right clothing and shoes. Below are a few sustainable ideas for presents to give you some inspiration.

The best advice a teacher gave me is to get high quality everyday school supplies. They will be used every day for a whole year or longer, and you don’t want them to break on the second day of school.

Schultüte is another story. There are so many exciting looking toys and things on offer. Most of them are destined for a flash-second of excitement and then eternity of boredom in the darkest corner of a cupboard.

If it was possible, I would probably leave the Schultüte out and replace it with a nice day out together – go to a park, café, fun fair (which we are planning to do anyway). A nice little idea is to take fun pictures at a photobooth and keep them as a memory of the first day of school.

But then, if everyone else has a Tüte, my child will feel left-out and upset. Not an emotion one wants on the first day of school.

So, I am opting for a few things that I know my child will like and use. Just look at what your little one likes doing every day – this is enough to provide inspiration for a few nice presents. What I think is also important, don`t spend too much time hunting for the best sustainable ideas online. If possible, buy a few presents from your local independent shop – that way you will support small local business, which is always a big plus.

And here are some ideas for a more sustainable Schultüte
  • If you have time and energy, sew, or buy a fabric one, that can then be made into a nice cushion or a toy.
  • Another option is to make one together with your child. Decorate it with what you have at home – wrapping paper, stickers, ribbons, buttons, pieces of fabric etc. Or paint it, the sky is your limit.
Little fillers for the Schultüte – sustainable ideas for presents

This is just a list of ideas, I hope you can find some inspiration here. But remember, creating memories is more important!

  • Little books – for example, Pixi Bücher
  • Watch
  • Small alarm clock
  • A small flashlight
  • Hair clips or hair ties for girls
  • Friendship bands or bracelets
  • A small toy/mascot to sit on the desk or in a school bag
  • Arithmetic chain or other counting aid
  • Set of dice – will be needed for math games etc
  • Additional pencils and crayons
  • A little wallet for pocket money
  • Magnifying glass
  • Water bottle
  • Lunch box
  • Number and letter cards or similar compact learning aid
  • Small card games or wipe-clean cards with a pen (one of the favourite games in our household) – Djeco, Usborne or Orchard Toys all have a nice tried and tested selection
  • Multiplication table
  • Light reflectors for a school bag or bicycle
  • Name tags or name stamps for school
  • A small photo frame (or a DIY photo frame set) for school photos
  • Set of chalks
  • A small LEGO set for Lego fans
  • Letter/number-shaped cookies
  • Bookmarks
  • Reading light
  • Small tin for milk teeth
  • Funny socks
  • Bath bubbles or salts
  • Lipbalm or hand cream for children
Don’t forget about clothing too

Your child will be very active at school – going to the park, walks, playing in the breaks between lessons. They won’t have time to get changed into sports clothing for all activities.

That’s why they need all-day rounder trousers and leggings – comfortable but robust at the same time.

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