Choosing the best trousers for kids: comfortable and robust

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Kids’ trousers should be comfortable and robust enough to keep up with their active lifestyle, whether they’re at school, on the playground, or playing sports. Unlike adults, children don’t change clothes for each activity, so they need an all-day rounder that can withstand wear and tear.

Children need all-day rounder trousers – comfortable and robust at the same time.

And that’s why choosing a pair of trousers is not as straightforward as it might seem. There are trousers and there are TROUSERS.

Here are some tips for choosing the best trousers that will last beyond one evening at the playground:

  1. Avoid slim-fit trousers. They restrict movement and add tension to the fabric in the knees, which can lead to rips and tears.
  2. Look for trousers with a button elastic waist. This feature allows you to adjust the waist for your slim child, and your child can easily pull the trousers on and off without dealing with annoying fastenings.
  3. Avoid trousers with cords, especially for potty training. Instead, opt for high-waisted trousers that provide a better fit and comfort, and cover the back during climbing or crawling.
  4. Choose trousers with reinforced knees, or apply knee patches as soon as you buy them. You can also attach fusible interfacing to the left side of the trousers in the knee area to make them last longer.
  5. Look for trousers with gathered hems (with elastic or a jersey rib) to ensure they sit nicely at the ankle. This feature is especially useful when your child is growing, and they only need to be a few centimetres longer to fit properly.
  6. Opt for clothing with double sizing on the label, such as 110/116 or 3-4 years. Single sizing like 104 tends to shrink after washing, leaving little room for growing. Going a size up is a smart move in this case.

Extra bonus points for

Quality of fabric: Higher price tag doesn’t guarantee a superior quality of fabric. Look for fabrics with a tight weave and a smooth surface with the minimal fluff.

Wide step: Choose trousers with a wide step that allows extra freedom of movement for sports and active play.

Big pockets: Kids love pockets! Look for trousers with big pockets that can hold all their treasures.


By following these tips and choosing the right trousers for your kids, you can save yourself time and money on shopping while ensuring that your child is comfortable and well-equipped for all their adventures.

Babbily trousers are an excellent choice for parents looking for comfortable and durable trousers for their kids. These trousers are designed with kids’ activities in mind and can be worn much longer than standard trousers. Plus, they come with a 6-month knee guarantee! The knee reinforcement is made of a special fabric that can withstand 100,000 rub cycles in the Martindale test, which is almost a military-grade toughness.

Say goodbye to constantly buying new trousers and hello to stress-free playtime!

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