How to choose kids trousers to wear them for longer

jungen hose mit verstellbarer taille

Kids trousers should be as comfortable as joggers, but as robust as jeans.

If you ever tried to do yoga wearing your jeans you can probably hear me. Kids wear trousers all day long, from school to the playground, to the football pitch. Unlike us adults, they normally don’t change into suitable clothing for every separate activity during the day – sport, work, leisure. Their trousers are their school uniform, sport and free time clothing at the same time.

Which means children need an all day rounder – comfortable and robust at the same time.

And that’s why choosing a pair of trousers is not as straightforward as it might seem. There are trousers and there are TROUSERS.

These tips will help you choose a favourite pair that will last beyond one evening at a playground.
  1. Ditch the slim fit. It restricts movement and adds tension of the fabric in the knees. That’s why slim fit trousers rip much quicker.
  2. Button elastic in the waist is a must. You can adjust waist easily for your slim child. And your slim child can pull the trousers on and off without having to deal with annoying fastenings.
  3. A cord is a no go, especially for potty training. No self-respecting 2/3yo ties and unties a cord to do a wee-wee.
  4. High waist is even better – it gives a better fit and comfort and covers all the back bits during climbing or crawling
  5. Trousers reinforced in the knees. Or the simplest thing you can do – apply knee patches as soon as you buy trousers. Or attach fusible interfacing to the left side of the trousers in the knee area. That way they will last beyond a standard month of wear.
  6. Trousers gathered at the hem (with elastic or a jersey rib). Even if the trousers are a few centimetres long (and to grow a size up they only need to be 3 cm longer), they will still sit nicely at the ankle. No rolling up or down required
  7. Sizing indication. Better to go for clothing with double sizing on a label. For example 110/116, 3-4 years etc. Single sizing (like 104) means a garment doesn’t allow much room for growing. These types of garments tend to shrink a size down after washing and become small very quickly. Go for a size up in this case.
Extra bonus points for

Quality of fabric. Higher price tag doesn’t guarantee a superior quality of fabric. Main indicators of a poor quality – loose weave and too much fluff on the surface (unless it’s intended).

Wide step that will allow extra freedom of movement for sport and active play

Big pockets, no explanation needed, I hope


Now I hope you can reduce piles of clothing that grew small or got torn too quickly and save yourself a lot of time on shopping.

To save you time on shopping around, have a look at Babbily trousers, they are packed full of useful features for comfort and durability. They are designed with kids activities in mind and can be worn much longer than standard trousers and have a 6 month knee guarantee.

The knee reinforcement is made of a special fabric designed specifically for active sport and can withstand 100.000 rub cycles in Martindale test. (almost a military grade toughness)


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