Choosing clothing presents for children

New babies are showered with cute outfits. 

Buying clothing for babies is relatively straightforward, but the more they grow, the more difficult it becomes to buy something that children will actually like and wear. (My 4yo made me return a very nice smart jumper that I bought him for a festive season. Just refused to wear it, without any reason!). Children want to show their independence in choosing what they wear. But they get attracted to new things, that spark their interest and awake imagination (and this is worth keeping in mind when choosing kids clothing).

the more children grow, the more difficult it is to buy them clothing that they will like and wear

Clothing for toddlers or older children is a fairly difficult present to make. Best case scenario – it will be quietly left unworn or regifted (recognise yourself?)  Or a failure to guess a colour, shape, or even a pocket size may result in a shriek and a little tantrum, adding flavour to a relaxed family Christmas morning.

Done correctly, and a favourite garment will be proudly worn over and over again, each time reminding a wearer about you. And toys will be left to gather dust…

Here is how to make your present the favourite one this Christmas!

Remember about the temperature comfort. In some cases it’s better to buy one lighter garment that can be layered, rather than one warm piece that will never be worn.

A very important feature that is often overlooked – temperature comfort. For some bundles of energy it’s always too hot.   They would be better off in several layers of light clothing, rather than one warm garment (like a thermal vest or a velvet long sleeved dress, no matter how cute it is). Go for minimum polyester content and avoid fluffy fabrics with a nap inside or outside. If a child likes to dress warmer, then the choice is yours – all winter fabrics would be good.

Get the size correctly. Ask a child’s current height (not the size she wears). Buy a size up or garments with double sizing (104/110). Independent labels usually have more generous sizes and some growth allowance. But remember, cotton shrinks in wash and tumble dry.

Go for novel textures or features – children are very tactile, love new sensations and need them for their development. Special features on a garment will set their imagination free turning a garment into a favourite one.

Ask what the current favourite colour is (double check just before you buy, tastes change)

Check the fastening. Are they easy to do up? Will a child be able to fasten them on his own?

Special features or textures on the garment will set a child’s imagination free turning a new piece of clothing into a favourite one. Good examples – 3D or voluminous appliques, growing features when a child can adjust length, vibrant colours, big pockets etc.

Or if this is too much to consider, have look at Babbily treggings.

  • They are both comfortable and durable – guaranteed to please a mum and a child
  • No need to worry about sizing either,  leggings they grow 4 sizes and are easily adjustable.
  • AND  will stay with a child for at least 12 month, as they are 5x stronger in the knees.

Plus a bonus, they come in a special Christmas packaging.

There is a special offer for Black Friday. But be quick – when it’s gone, it’s gone. No special offers until the end of this year!

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