What clothes to buy for a new baby? Look at their needs, not sizes

Buying clothes for a new baby is very exciting!

In excitement lots of cute things are bought. And lots of them stay unworn waiting for their turn to be given away!

When  choosing children’s clothing, try to look not just at the sizes, but keep in mind how babies and kids develop and their physical needs at each stage.
Oh, it’s so cute, this little button on the dress. I’ll take it for my 12 month old, she will look adorable!

And then you realise, that cute tiny button at the back of a dress – it’s not humanely possible to fasten it on your crawling wriggly child. Because a) she has no interest in getting dressed in a first place and b) in that cute little button in particular, unless she wants to put it in her mouth.

So, I came up with an indication of developmental stages corresponding to baby sizes.

0/3 month – fragile and messy

3/6 month – wriggly wriggler and still messy

6/12 month – on the move and even messier

12/24 month – catch me if you can

2/3 years – I can do it myself and oops, I did it again (potty training)

3/4 years – I do it my way!

This is not a complete list, try to look at how your child develops and buy clothing that is comfortable for them and convenient for you to change.

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